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Salient OS is an arch-based rolling-release distribution aimed at multi-media / gaming enthusiasts.

It comes pre-configured with various applications out of the box to aid the user in getting live streaming / recording quickly without having to download these applications themselves.

There are also a number of optimisations to boost performance when gaming or utilising audio / multimedia applications that require minimal latency.

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Salient OS - Changelog - v2021.03

General Updates

Lot's of minor ISO changes and refactoring. Updated Github with all package builds, configurations and binary packages that are used within Salient OS.

Changed to ZSTD ISO compression, resulting in slightly bigger ISO sizes but much faster decompression on install!

Software Components

  • Fixed locale / language regression
  • Changed ISO compression to ZSTD
  • Calamares updated to 3.2.37 branch

To install the removed Audio Applications / Plugins enter the following command in a terminal:

yay -S a2jmidid ardour jack2 calf cadence eq10q harvid helm lsp-plugins x42-plugins zyn-fusion


Salient OS KDE Plasma:

  • Fixed a keymap/language regression
  • Preliminary Root Theme Fixes (once installed! Not in live user session...).

Salient OS XFCE:

  • Reconfigured base Terminal colors and overall appearance to be cleaner.


Calamares is now configured to use the NetInstall Module providing an easy solution to install nVidia Drivers and other utilities. This does NOT constitute a full netinstall as you may understand the term but serves as a method of installing drivers / utilities within the installer.

For the best experience if your motherboard supports UEFI then we recommend performing an UEFI install.

Supporting The Project

Please support the project by providing feedback via the support facilities provided on Sourceforge.

If you'd like to directly support the development of Salient OS, you can Buy me a Coffee!

Thank you for your interest and enjoy!