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nvdajpmiscdep: 提交

miscdep for NVDA Japanese

Commit MetaInfo

修訂e3f37db56f016850176186106fd9f9e53fc53114 (tree)
時間2013-12-05 00:50:01
作者Takuya Nishimoto <nishimotz@gmai...>
CommiterTakuya Nishimoto

Log Message

updated mecab dic binary

Change Summary


--- a/source/synthDrivers/jtalk/dic/DIC_VERSION
+++ b/source/synthDrivers/jtalk/dic/DIC_VERSION
@@ -1 +1 @@
1-nvdajp-jtalk-dic (utf-8) 20131111-110532
1+nvdajp-jtalk-dic (utf-8) 20131203-103026
Binary files a/source/synthDrivers/jtalk/dic/sys.dic and b/source/synthDrivers/jtalk/dic/sys.dic differ
Binary files a/source/synthDrivers/jtalk/dic/unk.dic and b/source/synthDrivers/jtalk/dic/unk.dic differ
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