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修訂d1bbb8f7c1f8dfc6c5773dbdc87ee7b6baa534e5 (tree)
時間2015-11-13 00:09:17
作者quiver2k <yas99en@gmai...>

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Modified index.html.

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--- a/jp.sourceforge.moreemacs.web/WebContent/index.html
+++ b/jp.sourceforge.moreemacs.web/WebContent/index.html
@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ It adds some key bindings or overrides some bindings to emacs scheme.
2222 <li> Drag 'Install' button to your eclipse workspace.
2323 <a href="http://marketplace.eclipse.org/marketplace-client-intro?mpc_install=975" class="drag" title="Drag to your running Eclipse workspace to install More Emacs"><img src="https://marketplace.eclipse.org/sites/all/themes/solstice/_themes/solstice_marketplace/public/images/btn-install.png" alt="Drag to your running Eclipse workspace to install More Emacs" /></a>
2424 <li> from update site
25- <a href="http://moreemacs.sourceforge.jp/update-site">http://moreemacs.sourceforge.jp/update-site</a>.
25+ <a href="http://moreemacs.osdn.jp/update-site">http://moreemacs.osdn.jp/update-site</a>.
2626 </ul>
2828 <p>Open the preferences dialog and General/Keys. Choose "More Emacs" from "Scheme" pull down.</p>
@@ -243,7 +243,7 @@ In the column calculation of rectangle operation, the width of ambiguous charact
244244 <h2>Links</h2>
245245 <ul>
246-<li><a href="https://sourceforge.jp/projects/moreemacs/simple">More Emacs Plugin SourceForge Project</a>
246+<li><a href="https://osdn.jp/projects/moreemacs/simple/">More Emacs Plugin OSDN Project</a>
247247 <li><a href="https://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/more-emacs">Eclipse Market</a>
248248 </ul>
249249 </body>
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