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HTML source code, style-sheets, scripts, and images for deployment on mingw.osdn.io

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修訂a221b1225f88a52cc34b8867131dea11c4ce2788 (tree)
時間2021-11-17 01:19:11
作者Keith Marshall <keith@user...>
CommiterKeith Marshall

Log Message

Correct a typographical error.

* faq.html (project's): Insert omitted "s", after apostrophe.

Change Summary


--- a/faq.html
+++ b/faq.html
@@ -292,7 +292,7 @@ please feel free to contribute to the effort of getting it ready.
292292 header files?
293293 </button>
294294 <div class="answer">
295-<p>Unless your project&#8217; header files are placed in directories
295+<p>Unless your project&#8217;s header files are placed in directories
296296 which are already in the compiler&#8217;s default &#8220;include file
297297 search path&#8221;, <em>you</em>&hairsp; must specify compiler options,
298298 such as &#8220;<code>-I</code>&nbsp;<code><em>path</em></code>&thinsp;&#8221;,
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