[MinGW-Users] MinGW installer cannot download a pthreads package

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Keith Marshall keith****@users*****
Mon Mar 29 06:11:23 JST 2021

On 28/03/2021 15:53, Anton Shepelev wrote:
> Keith Marshall:
>> I recently upgraded to Firefox-86.0, on my WinXP VM
> I did not know it was possible.  When I try to download
> Firefox from the official website, their keen-witted engine
> checks my OS decides that may have only the old and dead
> extended-support release of 52.9. How did you bypass it?

Sorry.  I seem to have been confused, and have misled you.  I too have
Firefox-52.9-ESR on my WinXP VM; it was my Win7 VM, on which I upgraded
to Firefox-86.0.

Notwithstanding my confusion, on WinXP, Firefox-59.2 can successfully
display the MinGW FRS pages on OSDN.net, and download their package
content; Internet Explorer can do neither, and mingw-get, which depends
on the same underlying WININET.DLL, cannot download packages.


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