[MinGW-Users] MinGW installer cannot download a pthreads package

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Keith Marshall keith****@users*****
Sun Mar 28 00:45:12 JST 2021

On 27/03/2021 11:09, Anton Shepelev wrote:
> Keith Marshall to  Eli Zaretskii:
>>> Once the package files are downloaded, I just unpack them one by
>>> one from the root of my MinGW installation directory.  Let me
>>> know if you need some details, or if there are specific problems
>>> you bump into.
>> Thanks, Eli.  I think the OP had already figured out what to do.
> Yes, even as I wrote in my previous post from the 6th of March, and I
> have not checked this mailing list since. I am, however, still
> interested in maintaining a MinGW installation on Windows XP without
> resort to external machines with newer Windowses.
> [...snip...]
> I see many downloaded pacakges under
>    var\cache\mingw-get\packages\
> Perhaps I can manually fill that directory, and the MinGW installer
> will use it?

Yes, I already said as much, in an earlier answer:
> An alternative is to download, using the browser, saving the downloaded
> file in $MINGW_ROOT/var/cache/mingw-get/packages, whence mingw-get can
> install them, *without* requiring a continuing internet connection.

Your "var\cache\mingw-get\packages\" is *identically* the same as my
"$MINGW_ROOT/var/cache/mingw-get/packages", since the directory lives
within your MinGW installation tree, and Windows treats '/' and '\' as
equivalent, in any context where they are unambiguously interpreted as
directory name separators.

> By the way, you might be intereseted in modern browsers specially
> adapted for Windows XP: Pale Moon, Mypal, and Extreme Explorer.

Thanks.  I recently upgraded to Firefox-86.0, on my WinXP VM; it seems
to work just fine, whereas Microsoft's Internet Explorer no longer seems
to work at all ... even on HTTP sites such as http://mingw.osdn.io

> I also want to thank Keith for supporting older Windows versions.
You're welcome.


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