[MinGW-Users] Cannot build build libpng because of a missing zlib

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Anton Shepelev anton****@gmail*****
Sat Mar 27 20:52:01 JST 2021

Hello, all

The NetPBM package partially depends upon `libpng', which is
not provided by MinGW. When I endeavoured to build `libpng'
from source, its configure script failed, reporting a
missing `zlib'. But `mingw-get' tells me that it ia in fact
installed, as mingw32-libz-dll, and I indeed have zlib1.dll
under `bin', although a search from within MinGW reveals no
files with names containing `zlib' or `libz'.

How can I determine why it fails to detect the installed
`zlib'? Or shall I download and build it from source, too?

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