[MinGW-Users] MinGW installer cannot download a pthreads package

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Eli Zaretskii eliz****@gnu*****
Sat Mar 27 20:22:47 JST 2021

> From: Anton Shepelev <anton****@gmail*****>
> Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2021 14:09:54 +0300
> Eli, do I understand you correctly that after I extract the
> packages preserving the paths relatively the MinGW root,
> they will be considered installed, or will it only let
> mingw-get prefer their local copy while installing instead
> of trying to download it? I fear simply putting the files at
> correct locations is not always sufficient for proper
> installation, as some metadata may need to be updated e.g.
> for build systems to detect available libraries. I see many
> downloaded pacakges under
>    var\cache\mingw-get\packages\
> Perhaps I can manually fill that directory, and the MinGW
> installer will use it?

I don't use mingw-get, I always install packages manually by unpacking
the archives I download from the MinGW download site.  I never had any
problems in any of the MinGW packages with this technique.  (The only
exception is MSYS: ISTR that I did use mingw-get back when I installed
that originally, but it was a long time ago, and MSYS doesn't get any
updates, so I never needed to update it.)  So I don't think you need
to worry about this.

> By the way, you might be intereseted in modern browsers
> specially adapted for Windows XP: Pale Moon, Mypal, and
> Extreme Explorer.

I'm still using Firefox ESR 52.9.0.  But thanks for the info, I will
check those out.

> I also want to thank Keith for supporting older Windows
> versions.


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