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Eli Zaretskii eliz****@gnu*****
Thu Mar 11 15:15:03 JST 2021

> Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2021 00:55:06 +0000 (UTC)
> From: Syd <nhuq1****@yahoo*****>
> Finding a forum for MinGW isn't easy! I hope this message gets to a working forum/list.

Assuming you are using mingw.org's MinGW (not MinGW64), you are in the
right place.

> After installing MinGW I find quite a few tools in the MinGW folder such as ar.exe, as.exe, ld.exe, and
> objdump.exe as well as a few others. I have no clue how or why they should be used, and I can find no
> documentation on these exe files anywhere.  I think I know what objdump.exe does, but it might be nice if I
> could find some sort of documentation on it's use. So far I've found nothing at all!  I hope someone has a
> clue about this documentation situation.

Each package comes either with a "info" or a "man" tarball, sometimes
both.  Those install the Info manuals and/or the "man pages" for the
package, and that is where you find documentation.  You will need an
Info reader for the former and a 'man' program + a pager for the
latter, but by and large the files that constitute the documentation
are human-readable text files (with a few control characters here and
there), so you can read them with any text editor or viewer, for
example, the 'more' command that comes with Windows or even Notepad.

Alternatively, you could install a port of 'man' command and GNU Less
as the pager for reading man pages, and the info.exe program from the
Texinfo package to read the Info manuals.  (If you use Emacs, it has
an Info reader built-in.)

The programs you asked about are part of GNU Binutils, so their
manuals should be in Info format in the share/info subdirectory of
your main MinGW installation directory.  Look for binutils.info and
ld.info there.

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