[MinGW-Users] MinGW installer cannot download a pthreads package

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Keith Marshall keith****@users*****
Thu Jan 28 05:51:47 JST 2021

On 27/01/2021 19:35, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
>> However, the primary motivation for my post was, (in the section which
>> you have elided), to point out that WinXP is long past end-of-life, and
>> its WININET.DLL may no longer be fit for purpose.  While we would like
>> to continue to offer support for such moribund Windows versions, it is
>> becoming ever more difficult to do so.  The mingw-get dependency on
>> WININET.DLL is a case in point — unless someone volunteers to develop an
>> alternative internet interface, which can circumvent this dependency, it
>> looks as if mingw-get will not be fully supported on WinXP, (and since
>> Vista and Win7 have now also passed end-of-life, it is likely that, in
>> time, we may be forced to abandon support for them too).
> I hope this doesn't mean the MinGW runtime will drop support for XP
> and older systems.

No, it doesn't.

> Because that continued support is one reason I stick with MinGW:
> MinGW64 and MSYS2 have tossed XP long ago, and will probably toss
> Vista and Windows 7 soon.
I am committed to offering continuing support, all the way back to
Windows 95, and to WinNT4, (or even to WinNT 3.x), to the maximum extent
which is practicable, and for as long as remains practicably possible.
However, I cannot do it all on my own, (and no one else seems to be
contributing ATM).  Right now, the download capability of mingw-get, on
WinXP and earlier, appears to be a casualty of end-of-life termination
of support from Microsoft, (since WININET.DLL on XP no longer appears to
be compatible with the contemporary internet), coupled with the apathy
of the MinGW User Community at large, with regard to contributions of
solutions to such problems.

This is primarily a call to action from you, the user community at
large; if you don't want legacy support to die out, we need your help to
maintain it.


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