[Mingw-users] How to generate the _imp_ prefix?

Joachim Wuttke j.wut****@fz-ju*****
Thu Jan 23 01:41:52 JST 2020

Problem solved thanks to discussion at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/59845249:
MinGW is not MinGW.
Instead of mingw.exe, I now use x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc from http://www.msys2.org.
With this, dumpbin reports
     Symbol name  : foo
with no underscore, and VS succeeds in linking.

- Joachim

> MinGW shall compile a shared C library mylib that contains functions like
>    declspec(dllexport) int foo();
> The library shall be used in a C++ application under Visual Studio.
> To inspect the compilation outcome,
>    dumpbin /HEADERS mylib.lib
> prints one stance per exported function. The stance for the above function
> foo contains the line
>    Symbol name  : _foo
> So, MinGW does not generate the prefix _imp_. Expectedly, linking the
> dependent application fails because Visual Studio cannot find _imp_foo.

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