[Mingw-users] How to generate the _imp_ prefix?

Joachim Wuttke j.wut****@fz-ju*****
Wed Jan 22 18:25:27 JST 2020

Thanks for your three mails, Sergio.

   The difficulty is not in building the dependent library under MinGW.
   The difficulty is to link the resulting import library from VS.

   As for my level of experience with MinGW: Zero.

   As for the "plenty of online tutorials", I would be most grateful
   for a link to a really pertinent one.

Back to the problem:

   For a function foo(),
   MinGW generates link symbol _foo (according to dumpbin libmylib.lib)
   whereas VS expects _imp_foo.

Hence the primordial question:

   Shall we tweak MingGW to generate _imp_foo, or VS to expect _foo?


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