[Mingw-users] MinGW Installation Manager - what does "required components" mean?

Sergio NNX sfhac****@hotma*****
Wed Jan 22 18:22:27 JST 2020

There are a lot reports about issues with this installer, among compilation and linking issues.
There are about a dozen of binary distribution available online with come with an offline installer. The installer does a pretty good job and after installing it, you are read to go (no need to install additional (core) libraries!).

I would advise trying some of them out.

Good luck.
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Subject: [Mingw-users] MinGW Installation Manager - what does "required components" mean?

Does “required component” mean I should go back, select, and apply, to install additional components that didn’t come with the base system automatically?

At fresh install of MinGW on Windows 10 today, after selecting, and applying, “Basic Setup” items msys-base, mingw32-gcc-g++, mingw32-base, and mingw-developer-toolkit, I went further to explore “All Packages” and I find many items with Description “This is a required component of the MinGW Compiler Suite” which have not been installed. Why not?


Pete Klammer

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