[Mingw-users] Support AX_CXX_COMPILE_STDCXX_11 macro in autoconf

Anton Shepelev anton****@gmail*****
Sun Jan 19 09:12:14 JST 2020

Keith Marshall to Anton Sheplev:

> [...]
> And BTW, if you are struggling with autotool issues, you
> may get more focused advice from autoc****@gnu***** (for
> autoconf), or autom****@gnu***** (for automake).

Thanks.  I thought the error was related to MinGW because
the project builds well in five or so other test
environments in both Linux and Windows.

I have solved the error by supplying the path to the missing
macros to `aclocal', and pushed that fix to the project
source.  The following `autogen.sh' works:

   aclocal -I m4
   automake --include-deps --add-missing --copy

> [...]
> But does it supply a "-I /usr/local/aclocal" argument, to
> set that search path, and does configure.ac have an
> m4_include for the macro file, (and ideally an
> m4_pattern_forbid notification for the "AX_" namespace).

I have forwarded your comments to the maintainers.  It is,
indeed, wrong to consider a missing required macro as a

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