[Mingw-users] Errors in standard include files

Keith Marshall keith****@users*****
Sat Jan 11 05:49:20 JST 2020

On 10/01/2020 19:55, Anton Shepelev wrote:
> Keith Marshall:
>>> How can I query that version?
>>   $ echo '#include <windows.h>' | mingw32-gcc -E -dM -xc - |
>>   > grep -E '(MINGW32|W32API)_VERSION'
> After an unsuccessful attempt to reinstall gcc, I no longer
> have either `mingw32-gcc' or `windows.h'.  I should not have
> hurried so much.  Am I stuck for good, or is there hope yet?

mingw32-gcc is my GNU/Linux hosted cross-compiler; on Windows, you would
just run:

  $ echo '#include <windows.h>' | gcc -E -dM -xc - |
  > grep -E '(MINGW32|W32API)_VERSION'

If you have managed to uninstall gcc, you should be able to install the
latest version, after you've updated your primary repository references,
to point to OSDN.net; we no longer maintain packages on SF.net


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