[Mingw-users] multiple definition of `vsnprintf'

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Keith Marshall keith****@users*****
Mon Aug 5 23:10:41 JST 2019

On 05/08/19 12:52, Matt Brown wrote:
>> Please check the archives, before posting; this has already been
>> asked
> I'm really sorry, I did try.
> I rummaged around various website, http://www.mingw.org/,
> https://osdn.net/projects/mingw, etc, entering 'vsnprintf' in various
> search boxes.
> After your prompt I downloaded the Gzip'd Text of the archive, and
> searched that.
> But this seems somewhat clunky and I can't help but feel I'm doing
> something wrong!

No, you aren't.  I've had an active tech support request, relating to
this, open since 30-March-2019.  The immediate response was to enable
Google indexing of the mail archives, and that did work for a while, but
it now seems to have regressed.  I've raised the issue again.

> Hopefully I'll never have another issue.

If you do, please don't hesitate to raise it.  In the meantime, we may
hope that OSDN will fix their mail archive search issue.


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