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Riccardo Mottola ricca****@liber*****
Mon Oct 29 23:29:30 JST 2018

Hi all!

what is the state of MinGW? after the move to osdn I got a bit lost... 
just chiming in again.

I used the installer and have the first question: I want to be sure it 
is using the latest catalog and installer. If I go on the "Settings" 
menu it doesn't open and shows anything.

Second, I miss a lot of basic tools - I belive previously they were 
called "ports" and were available: I need a shell, I remember rxvt and a 
way to start cmd too!
And then of course svn, git....

how can I get those? Of coruse the best would be to have them in the 
Installation Manager, so they can be updated!


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