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Sun Mar 7 20:59:38 JST 2021

#41070: Please include libgccjit with MinGW GCC distribution

  Open Date: 2020-12-23 17:28
Last Update: 2021-03-07 11:59

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2021-03-07 11:59 Updated by: keith
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Reply To eliz
Keith, thank you for your work on porting libgccjit to MinGW.
I have now quite successfully used this to build the latest version of the "native-comp" branch of GNU Emacs using mingw.org's MinGW tools.
That's good to know, thanks.
Would it be possible for you to make the DLL with the debug symbols available for download?
Sure.  Uncompressed, its a 270MB monster, which exceeds the attachment size limit, so I've attached an XZ compressed copy; (sorry, but it is from my build tree, before applying your subsequent file mode patch ... I'll fix that later
Also, the GCC source distribution on the MinGW site seems to be before applying all the MinGW patches: at least the libgccjit patches seem to be not applied.  is that intentional?
Yes, that is intentional.  It's a philosophical choice, whether to distribute pristine source with patches to be applied at point of use, or to distribute already patched source; we have always adopted the former convention.  FWIW, these days I use mingw-pkg to construct the packages which I contribute; that folds the patch set, together with the MinGW package specification files, into the arch/mingw32 subdirectory of the source tarball, (and also offers the mingw-pkg patch command, to apply them in the correct, alphanumerically sorted by file name, order).

Ticket Status:

      Reporter: eliz
         Owner: keith
          Type: Feature Request
        Status: Open [Owner assigned]
      Priority: 5 - Medium
     MileStone: (None)
     Component: GCC
      Severity: 5 - Medium
    Resolution: None

Ticket details:

Please add libgccjit to the binaries included in the MinGW GCC distributions.
This is required to be able to build projects that use libgccjit for JIT compilation of code.
One example of this is "gccemacs", a branch of GNU Emacs development (soon to land
on the master branch of Emacs) that compiles Emacs Lisp programs into native x86 code
for faster runtime performance.
Thank you.

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