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Fri Apr 16 06:09:17 JST 2021

#40317: Install error

  Open Date: 2020-04-11 09:31
Last Update: 2021-04-15 22:09

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2021-04-15 22:09 Updated by: keith
 * Status Update from Open to Closed
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I'm closing this, as a "won't fix".  While I would like to continue to support WinXP, the reality is that it is now seven years since it passed its official end-of-life.  In that seven years, internet technologies have moved on, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to provide adequate continuing support.  The MinGW installer, "mingw-get", relies on Microsoft's WININET.DLL, to provide download services; sadly, the WinXP version of WININET.DLL is no longer compatible with contemporary internet technologies.  In particular, downloads from SourceForge must now be performed over HTTPS, and WinXP's WININET.DLL cannot handle the increased security.
As for me providing an integrated download of all MSYS packages, that is not going to happen; it is no easier for me to produce such a package, than it is for you to do so yourself.  You can use mingw-get --print-uris install ..., from the command line, to generate a list of all package files to be downloaded, to resolve the dependencies of any package named  following the install action keyword.  You can then download all identified packages, storing them into your $MINGW_ROOT/var/cache/mingw-get/packages directory; (hint: "Internet Explorer" probably will not work, but "Firefox-52.9-ESR" should; alternatively, Eli Zaretskii's wget-1.16 ezwinport should get the job done, from the command line, (although you may need to invoke it with the --no-check-certificate option).

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        Status: Closed
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    Resolution: Won't Fix

Ticket details:

Hello. I get an error while trying to install. The error can be seen in the attached screenshot.

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