[MinGW-Notify] [mingw] #39246: Please update MSYS awk; current awk-3.1.7 implementation is too old to remainviable

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Mon Jan 6 00:23:07 JST 2020

#39246: Please update MSYS awk; current awk-3.1.7 implementation is too old to remain

  Open Date: 2019-05-16 22:44
Last Update: 2020-01-05 15:23

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Reply To cstrauss

    I will package GNU awk 4.0.1, which seems to build and run fine on current
    MSYS, despite some failures in the test suite.

Thanks, Cesar. Out of interest, could you elaborate further, on the test suite

    I'm interested in switching to your mingw-pkg tool. Is it already usable?

I believe so, yes. Certainly, I've been using it successfully for several years
now, albeit exclusively with my self-built mingw32 cross-compiler suite, on GNU
/Linux hosts; I have not tested it under MSYS. I do have some outstanding local
patches, relating to mingw-port, and to cross-tool build support; pushing of
these has been delayed, due to a critical regression in hg-git support, which
was arrogantly and gratuitously introduced by the Arch Linux hg maintainers.

    I went as far as creating a recipe, but got stuck on the distribute step.

You really will need to elaborate further on this, but maybe not here; perhaps
use the mailing list, our Slack channel, or open a specific ticket, either
within my development chamber, or even as a MinGW ticket, (given that I'd like
to migrate the repository into MinGW project space).

Ticket Status:

      Reporter: keith
         Owner: cstrauss
          Type: Feature Request
        Status: Open [Owner assigned]
      Priority: 5 - Medium
     MileStone: (None)
     Component: MSYS
      Severity: 5 - Medium
    Resolution: None

Ticket details:

While developing this Mercurial Queues emulation for Git, which will be
required to support git integration for this proposed MinGW package builder
tool, I've run into a problem with the MSYS implementation of awk. On my LMDE
system, I have awk-4.0.1, and I've written an emulator for "git qselect
--series", (which I've yet to publish to the git-mq chamber). This used gawk's
"asorti()" function, with a custom sort-comparator function, to present the
output in lexically sorted order; it works fine in awk-4.0.1, but fails on
MSYS, which offers only awk-3.1.7; (the "asorti()" function appears to be
supported, but the custom comparator function reference parameter is rejected).

I've since reworked my "git qselect --series" emulation, using my own "qsort()"
function implementation, instead of gawk's "asorti()" function. This makes the
entire emulation significantly more portable, but it may still make sense to
upgrade the MSYS implementation of awk, such that it will support more modern
gawk features.

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