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Fri Feb 8 19:43:24 JST 2019

#38940: MinGW update errors report

  Open Date: 2019-02-06 18:50
Last Update: 2019-02-08 05:43

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2019-02-08 05:43 Updated by: melchiorgaspar


Reply To keith

    Reply To melchiorgaspar

        I'm running Windows 7 ULTIMATE x64
        mingw-get version 0.6.3-pre-20170905-1
        <repository uri="http://osdn.net/dl/mingw/%F.xml.lzma">

    That looks okay; I assume that you know that MinGW is 32-bit, in spite of
    your 64-bit host.

        my system specs, CPUz report: https://valid.x86.fr/qv6an5

    And again, here you are pointing me to off-site information, which may not
    be persistent. If you think it may be important, you need to attach it to
    the ticket; I am not going to chase off-site links.

yes I know I MinGW is 32bit.... CPUz reports remain up forever... as far as I
know... and it was easier they trying to copy and paste all my system specs

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      Reporter: melchiorgaspar
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          Type: Issues
        Status: Open
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     Component: INSTALLER
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Ticket details:

I am having issues updating to v8.2 for some packages some missing packages...

here is the update report for missing or issues..


upgrade: gcc-core-4.8.2-2-mingw32-dev.tar.lzma
 removing release gcc-core-4.8.2-mingw32-dev.tar.meta
mingw-get-gui: *** ERROR *** gcc-core-4.8.2-mingw32-dev.tar.meta: invalid manifest; no references
 installing gcc-core-4.8.2-2-mingw32-dev.tar.lzma

upgrade: gcc-c++-4.8.2-2-mingw32-dev.tar.meta
 removing release gcc-c++-4.8.2-mingw32-dev.tar.meta
mingw-get-gui: *** ERROR *** gcc-c++-4.8.2-mingw32-dev.tar.meta: invalid manifest; no references
 installing gcc-c++-4.8.2-2-mingw32-dev.tar.meta

upgrade: gcc-c++-4.8.1-5-mingw32-doc.tar.lzma
mingw-get-gui: *** WARNING *** not removing installed release
mingw-get-gui: *** WARNING *** gcc-c++-4.8.1-4-mingw32-doc.tar.lzma is still installed
mingw-get-gui: *** ERROR *** required package file is not available
mingw-get-gui: *** ERROR *** cannot upgrade to gcc-c++-4.8.1-5-mingw32-doc.tar.lzma
mingw-get-gui: *** ERROR *** due to previous download failure


plus the zlib libz dev package had a overwrite error.. and wouldn't force an
overwrite... had to do it manually...

there were other error popups when I used "Mark all upgrades" option...

here is a link to screenshot(s) in a zip archive https://www.dropbox.com/s/

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