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kimixi: List of commits

修訂. 時間 作者
r15 2009-06-05 21:28:55 imunolion



r14 2009-06-05 21:25:05 imunolion

delete them

r13 2009-06-03 00:21:30 imunolion

not only get home.pl but new_diary.pl, new_comment.pl and new_bbs.pl
then I think hunging-up for Ajax problem will no occure.

r12 2009-05-28 23:37:58 imunolion

New Comment and New Request is now enabled.

r11 2009-05-28 23:26:58 imunolion

(empty log message)

r10 2009-05-28 23:14:02 imunolion

New Comment, New Request is enabled.

r9 2009-05-27 16:23:48 imunolion

(empty log message)

r8 2009-05-27 15:10:00 imunolion

kimixi0_3 Rev8
Auto croaling
Checking new message

r7 2009-05-26 22:41:22 imunolion

kimixi0_2 Rev7
debug:freeze on log-in failure

r6 2009-05-26 00:29:25 imunolion

kimixi0_2 lastest revision
mainly bug fix with tickets

r5 2009-05-26 00:28:00 imunolion

import kimixi0_2(Rev3) instead of kimixi0_2(Rev2)

r4 2009-05-26 00:26:29 imunolion

miss import

r3 2009-05-26 00:21:53 imunolion

kimixiDialog.cpp modified;
mainly bug fix

r2 2009-05-24 17:55:56 imunolion

kimixi Ver 0.2
It can get mixi's new arrive info.
But now in wrong encodes.
In next ver, it will be fixed.

r1 2009-05-22 21:13:15 imunolion

(empty log message)

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