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This is a collection of FVWM configs. Inspired by Gnome Extensions that make gnome multifunctional. This gave the name "FVWM myExtensions". The new FVWM3 (F? Virtual Window Manager 3), started as an experiment and became a fully functional base that makes "my" daily computer workflow faster, simpler, and more efficient. This is a model for you to use, modify or create your own extensions.

This collection makes the desk different from what you may have experienced before. It has a modern look but the behavior and navigation are similar to the functions of the mid-90s before Win95 was introduced.

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If you are new to FVWM and wondering what it is all about. FVWM is a Window Manager (WM). What sets it apart from other WMs, it is also a *Virtual* window manager. Among the powerful fvwm features is the virtual desktop, which allows you to place windows on an area much larger than the actual size of the visible display.

The FVWM3 install package comes with a minimal startup configure. It gives the user the choice of expression. Details such as the appearance of windows, function of panels, pagers, and programs are created and defined by the user.

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It is a user-oriented model for you to use, modify and create your own extensions. They are placed in ~/.fvwm folder divided into three main folders (core, extra, and user) and system files that run in the same sequence as the original Fvwm config. The additional extensions are simply added in associated folders. One graphical Extension Installer is included making it user-friendly for those who prefer a quick setup of their choice.

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