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Zip-Ada is an Ada library for .zip archives. Its sources are unconditionally portable. Input and output can be any stream (such as a file or buffer) for archive creation as well as data extraction. It is task safe and endian-neutral.

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2013-01-29 21:39

Support for UTF-8 encoding in entry names has been added. The Zip.Create package provides a complete toolset for building or modifying zip archives.
標籤: Major

2012-02-16 07:35

Support was added for Zip archives appended to other files, like a self-extracting archive with Zip-Ada code in the executable that unpacks the contents.
標籤: SFX UnZip

2011-08-04 15:54

Unicode (UTF-8) is now supported for file names within Zip archives.

2011-03-05 06:58

A new package, Zip.Compress.Deflate, has been added, with an initial (weak but straightforward) compression technique for the Deflate format. Now Deflate is implemented for both compression and decompression, which could also lead to a version of the ZLib library fully in Ada.

2010-10-13 23:59

This release consists essentially in fixes in the ZipAda and ReZip tools, and tiny changes in the Zip-Ada library.
標籤: Minor

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