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ZiK is an audio player based on gstreamer. It uses the path of your audio files instead of a music library. Audio files are shown on the left panel as they would be in a browser. The right panel is dedicated to the playlist. Both panels can be shown or hidden. ZiK uses your GTK theme. All formats supported by gstreamer, CDs, and webradios can played.

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2011-03-11 20:20

A gem is now available. ZiK installs missing gstreamer plugins if version 0.90.9 of ruby-gnome2 (which is yet to be released) is installed. Playlist songs can be exported to a directory. Some bugs were also fixed.

2010-11-09 08:10

This release fixes bugs. One of these bugs caused ZiK to crash on a fresh installation.
標籤: Minor

2010-10-12 00:19

This release fixes bugs in the assistant and brainz module that can cause ZiK to quit. The menu item playlist/edit is now hiden due to a graphical bug. You can still edit the playlist via edit button and context menu.
標籤: Minor

2010-10-10 18:45

This release implements an assistant that is shown the first time ZiK is launched. Editing the playlist and searching for tracks are now integrated in the main window. More tracks can be shown in the playlist by using compact view. A man page is now shipped with ZiK. Ruby-taglib2 and a new version of rghk (0.2) and gtk (2.22) are supported. This release fixes some bugs. The French translation was updated.

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