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XiX Music Player is a music player for MP3, Ogg, M4A, AAC, FLAC, APE, and OPUS files. It is easy to create and maintain your own playlists. There is an integrated lyric viewer that searches for the lyric of the song you are listening to. If the CD cover is found, it is also shown. You can also rip CD tracks to MP3 or FLAC. Listening to your favorite online radio stations is also possible. The focus is on having fast control of all your music.

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2013-01-29 10:46

This release
saves EQ status,
removes song(s) from a playlist,
adds playlists in Runtime in PopUpMenu,
always shows lyrics from the top,
makes repeat OFF, repeat 1, and repeat ALL now work as they should, regardless of crossfading,
makes stopping playing music set Artist and Album to '--',
makes Next and Previous work with radio stations,
shows "&" in Radio Information,
saves CD covers in lowercase,
shows the broadcast station name and program name,
and fixes a problem with being unable to reopen the Rip window.

2013-01-03 08:04

This release
adds presets to online Radio and
adds an option to use it as a portable app (run from USB and save
cache and settings to a USB stick).
標籤: Minor, Raspberry Pi, ARM Linux, Windows, Linux

2012-12-18 12:25

This release adds support for online radio stations. It updates the radio listing online. Lyrics also works when performer and title are submitted by the radio station.
標籤: Linux

2012-12-04 09:37

This release adds to lyrics search, provides better parsing to find lyrics, saves Songtexts and CD Covers in lowercase, and supports ARM Linux (Raspberry Pi).
標籤: ARM Linux, Raspberry Pi, Linux, Minor

2012-11-19 13:02

This release removes an image not available error. In ARTIST mode: Play or Navigate to Album, and better click handling of Artist and Playlist listboxes. Which ripping a CD: adds a '%1' in filename parsing (first character of the artist); changes the parsing string in the ripping window; and adds 'Album' to all songs that you want to rip and fills in album, year, and genre when available.
標籤: Minor, Linux

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