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Wikitty is a key/value storage and search system. A Java object or a relational table is frozen when writing code or creating a database. To make them evolve, you have to go back into the code, write a migration process, etc. It is also hard to maintain coherent code when you want to develop the same application for similar needs with only small differences. Between the common code and the specific code, it can easily become a real burden. Wikitty tries to answer those problems, bringing a technical solution which is easy to put into place and to use.

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2012-08-28 07:08

This release fixes bugs in search results and field order, and adds the preload option for Wikitty fields and unify methods names on BusinessEntity and Wikitty.
標籤: Features enhancement, Bug fixes

2012-07-26 02:48

This release adds a parse and a extContainsOne method to WikittyQueryMaker. It also adds a new query property wikittyFieldSearchDepth which allows following links between wikitty for searches. You can now set a File on a binary field. A bug causing an error in the findTreeNode client method when Node depth + depth asked > Integer.MAX_VALUE has been fixed.
標籤: Bug fixes, Features enhancement

2012-04-26 03:28

This release fixes a bug which occurred when trying to search containsAll or containsOne with an empty collection.
標籤: Bug fixes

2012-04-17 08:14

This version introduces many changes such as sort order, constraints, toString, wikitty-extension, pattern, indexed, and crypt tag-values. (Not)Equals can now ignore case and accents if needed. In QueryResult, you can get elapsed time. Parser now supports limit and offset and ' as a string delimiter. In-memory implementations have been improved. Bugs have also been fixed, including JdbcSQLException during sync engine, and all not* conditions have different behaviour with in-memory service.
標籤: Bug fixes, Features enhancement

2012-02-03 10:18

This release updates the solr and lucene version, an external authentication system has been added (LDAP-only for the moment), and the security services have been split between authorization and authentication. The Query system has been drastically reviewed, to have an easy way to write queries. Some bugs have been fixed.

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