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VoiceOne is a Linux distribution that gives you the ability to install a PBX platform with an easy to use Web-based GUI. It also provides a framework for building a communication server adding various plugins. Its main features are Asterisk 1.8 with realtime configuration with MySQL, a Ubuntu 10.04 base, and support for both hard disk and Compact Flash card installation.

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2011-09-10 10:10

This release adds Google Talk Technology: now it's possible to define a GTalk trunk and extension. A GTalk trunk is an account on Google through which VoiceOne can phone GTalk accounts or phone numbers with Google Voice. A GTalk extension is an internal number that matches a GTalk account, so when an extension calls that internal number, the call is delivered to the linked GTalk account. A Fax Detect option has been added to trunks. If enabled, VoiceOne detects a fax on the trunk and redirects the call to a different incoming context. A new tab has been added in VoiceOne Personal to view the call history.
標籤: Asterisk 1.8, Google Apps, IP PBX, 1.8.420

2011-03-26 15:52

Asterisk was updated to version 1.8.3 with a patch that resolves a bug with allocating RAM. resolvconf was added for managing DNS. The setup procedure was corrected to modify the database's password correctly. Trunk speed dial execution was corrected to force a call in a specific trunk. AGI PHP was updated to use the second parameter of the exec method and to use the setContext method. A bug that prevented the correct backup and restore procedure for audio files was corrected.
標籤: Major bugfixes

2007-07-09 15:26

The IVR implementation is now completely dynamic
and database based.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2007-06-19 12:31

Extensions can now join and leave queues dynamically. CID now works in incoming rules. Links of available trunks now point to the correct page.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2007-04-12 11:10

A new Caller ID Management System allows administrators to set different CID values for each trunk and user. A new interface was provided for VoIP provider definition. Compared with the previous release, it support multi-account providers, dividing the definition procedure into two steps: Provider definition and (one or more) Account definitions. A new interface was provided for Office linked via IAX2. It allows user to define the authentication procedure and the link parameters. Form checks have been added to every VoiceOne section.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

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