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TYPO3 CMS is a Web Content Management System which features automatic creation of navigational menus, headlines, and other dynamic graphical elements, automatic conversion and scaling of images, the ability to present different templates based on variables such as client browser or country code, support for multiple templates on a site, and a built-in password-protection option. Pages can be timed to be shown on a certain date, be hidden on a certain date or just temporarily hidden. TYPO3 supports search in SQL-databases and redesigning of a website at once is just a matter of creating a single new template.

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2006-09-16 02:41

A lot of small issues have been fixed. Additionally, a tiny security enhancement to the indexed_search that is provided by this package has been made: the search word was not escaped correctly, so a prepared URL (e.g. referenced in an email) could potentially contain some unwanted JavaScript code.
標籤: Minor bugfixes

2006-09-16 02:39

This release contains a lot of small bugfixes.
標籤: Minor bugfixes

2006-05-13 02:04

This release includes the versioning concept "workspaces" and the database abstraction layer "DBAL". It offers a new platform-independent Rich Text Editor, along with a new default backend skin. It contains many bugfixes and improvements on all fronts.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2005-11-18 08:20

The automatic detection of the base href has been
removed for security reasons. A
cross-site-scripting issue in showpic.php was
fixed, and phpinfo was publically viewable using a
specific URL. Some more minor security related
fixes include random generation of the
encryptionKey and an upgrade of the phpMyAdmin
extension from 2.6.2 to upstream 2.6.4-pl3.
Additionally, image alignment works properly again
and the layers menu will now work flawlessly in
Opera browsers.
標籤: Minor security fixes

2005-07-10 21:51

Frontend user passwords are now case sensitive, and are rendered as password fields. There is a new configuration option for frontend user cookies. They can be set to a lifetime in seconds. A new option "ascii" for config.spamProtectEmailAddresses has been added. With this option, you won't need JavaScript anymore to reassemble the real email address. The property page.typeNum = 0 for a page object is now set automatically by default. If a page object has no typeNum and typeNum = 0 is not defined, TYPO3 will automatically do that now. More than 200 bugs have been fixed.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

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