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twstools is a simple set of command line tools around the Interactive Brokers TWS API with the purpose of having a powerful scriptable toolbox to automate "jobs" like downloading historical data, tracking account info or submitting orders, etc.

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2012-03-17 10:21

This release adds order support, adds a new build target (make rpm), makes a minor internal cleanup, supports fire and forget orders (experimental/undocumented), corrects and improves --help/--version output, fixes account info job queues which were not initialized, offers optional IPv6 support when using twsapi >= 0.4.0 (new cmd options -4/-6), adds man pages, fixes a timout bug (select returned EINVAL because timeval was wrong), supports canceling orders (experimental/undocumented), and fixes the test suite (emulating readlink -f on systems where it's missing).
標籤: stable minor

2011-11-07 06:43

Major bugfixes, minor build fixes, and refactoring. Fixes twsgen to not skip empty expiries. Fixes twsdo to solve a long time bug assert( !violations.empty() ). A build fix for a missing define IB_USE_STD_STRING. Provides a simple test suite (make check). Internal code refactoring to prepare new features. Account status requests can be read from a file.
標籤: Minor, Stable

2011-10-24 07:17

Many build fixes and some minor features have been added. Building on Cygwin is now possible. Minor build fixes for several Linux platforms. libpopt (compile and run time dependency) has been replaced with gengetopt (only required at "make dist" time). Tools can read twsxml files from stdin to combine them with pipes. twsgen skips useless expiries when generating histjobs, and has an additional --max-expiry filter option.
標籤: Stable, Major

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