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ThePacketMaster Linux Security Server is a
CD-based security auditing tool that boots and
runs penetration testing and forensic analysis
tools. It is handy for security auditors. Some
tools included are nessus, ethereal, The Coroner's
Toolkit, chntpw, and minicom. It includes modules
for any Linux 2.4.20 SCSI driver.

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2004-01-12 20:41 Back to release list

This release updates the kernel to 2.4.24 to address issues found in
2.4.23 and earlier. It adds new packages for forensic analysis and
vulnerability testing. /usr is now in a cloop filesystem for a smaller
ISO image. XFree86 is now included, as well as the Enlightenment window
manager, the Mozilla Web browser, and Java.
標籤: Major security fixes

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