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TIA is an ncurses-based console IDE for GCC, G++, Java, Perl, PHP, BASH, BUSH, HTML, and GNAT (Ada 95). It has integrated support for CVS, SVN, and ncurses compatible mice. Features include a ddd-style console debugger, automatic spelling correction, keyword hilighting, project statistics, automatic backups, and keyboard macros. The project window controls optimization and debug settings all in one place. TIA supports make, cook, and gnatmake project builders. For large projects, each user has a separate preference file.

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Background updating (TIA quietly rebuilds sections of your project via multitasking, reducing rebuilding times), automatic saving, automatic spelling correction, easy project and processor optimizations, tight integration with the GNAT development suite, one key access to your favorite GUI builder, keyword hilighting, support for keyboard macros, and ncurses mouse support.

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