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Deep is a simple Web site solution written for speed. It requires nothing more than a cgi-bin directory on a Unix server. It delivers everything normal HTML pages can deliver, handles forms and file creation securely, and adds the CGI capability of Lua. It is also a blog server, generating its indices on the fly. It includes built-in submission and moderation queues, browser-based monitoring, download limits, bot-exclusion, internal logging, and localization.

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2010-06-13 23:02

All modules are now included in the deep distribution.

2010-06-12 07:37

The bot exclusion algorithm has been completely reworked. Log analysis shows it to be several times more effective than the earlier straightforward screening method. It is now possible to generate static copies of any page for supplying the search engines with the food of your choice. All static pages can have an optional image metric inserted. The log and log-archive pages now show total page count.

2010-05-25 06:56

When using the password-protected download feature, Gate.lua now includes subsite/sdld.txt in the log-in page to make the process more user-friendly. The contents of sdld.txt are included as-is and should probably be HTML.

2010-05-24 03:23

The deep server has been reduced to a more basic functionality more appropriate to general use. The e-zine style submission and moderation queues are now a separate download. TestDeep has been modularized but will test the basic distribution with no command line options.

2010-05-19 06:43

Improved menu links in Menu.lua.

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