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teTeX is the de facto standard TeX distribution for a wide range of Unix-type operating systems, and serves as a building block for others. It's easy to install and customize. teTeX is not maintained anymore; instead, TeX users should migrate to TeXlive.

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2005-02-07 10:44

This release updated pdftex to 1.21a and fixed compilation bugs.
標籤: Beta, Minor bugfixes

2005-02-07 10:44

This release added a new beta of pdftex 1.20c and fixed some compilation problems.
標籤: Beta, Minor bugfixes

2005-02-07 10:43

This version included web2c 7.5.4, xdvik 22.84.8, dvipsk 5.95a, texinfo 4.8, pdfetex 1.21a (based on TeX-3.141592 and eTeX-2.2), and Omega The distributed tree is no longer mixed with cached runtime data or updated configuration files, which eases distribution management and updates. The texmf tree has been significantly updated with many updated and added packages, most notably LaTeX2e &2003/12/01&, ConTeXt version 2005.01.24, Latin Modern fonts, and the beamer and memoir packages. pdfetex is now the default engine used for most formats (including LaTeX).
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2005-01-31 16:04

This release has new defaults for TEXMFCONFIG/TEXMFVAR which are now in
the user's home directories, a new dvips, and a fixed xpdf.
標籤: Beta, Minor feature enhancements

2005-01-24 12:48

This release has new versions of dvips, pdftex, texconfig,
and context, and numerous small changes.
標籤: Beta, Minor feature enhancements

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