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termit is a terminal emulator based on the vte library. It includes tabs, bookmarks, the ability to switch encodings, and Lua-scripting.

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2011-12-23 22:54

Installing as non-root has been fixed. The foreground color is now applied for bold fonts. WM-specific options have been added: --name, --class, and --role. Spanish and German translations have been added, and the Hungarian translation has been updated.

2011-11-09 07:54

This release adds new Lua functions: feed and feedChild. It adds support for Meta, Super, and Hyper in key bindings. Several fixes for the build system were made. A Japanese translation was added.

2011-07-18 20:19

An invalid "setEncoding" call from the termit.utils module was fixed. A possible zombie process on Linux was fixed.

2011-07-04 00:01

The "setColormap" Lua function was added. Support was added for system-wide rc.lua. Support was added for using Lua modules in rc.lua. Several predefined colormaps were added.

2011-05-29 03:50

The Lua function currentTabIndex() was fixed, as it was broken in 2.8.0.

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