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Tcl provides a portable scripting environment for Unix, Windows, and Macintosh that supports string processing and pattern matching, native file system access, shell-like control over other programs, TCP/IP networking, timers, and event-driven I/O. Tcl has traditional programming constructs like variables, loops, procedures, namespaces, error handling, script packages, and dynamic loading of DLLs. Tk provides portable GUIs on UNIX, Windows, and Macintosh. A powerful widget set and the concise scripting interface to Tk make it a breeze to develop sophisticated user interfaces.

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2008-07-01 16:43

New commands were added for supporting object oriented programming and providing script-level access to the stacked channels mechanism. [binary] is now a [namespace ensemble]. A new visual styles element engine was provided for Tk on Windows. Writing GIF images now uses real LZW compression.
標籤: Development, Major feature enhancements

2008-04-07 01:40

A new version of the HTTP package, including keepalive and chunked transfer encoding support, Tcl modules have been defined to use the only UTF-8 encoding. There are corrections to the Ttk_* interfaces to support stub-enabled callers. regexps ending in \* have been fixed. There is a new Tk demo: Knight's tour. Several crashes and memory leaks were fixed.
標籤: Minor bugfixes

2008-02-06 19:04

This release improves [lsort] performance, repairs a buffer overflow in GIF handling code, corrects broken regexp engine usage that lost backref support, fixes binary reads from stacked channels, fixes several crashes, and solves memory leaks in literals in expressions.
標籤: Minor bugfixes

2007-12-21 21:03

A Danish translation has been added, the efficiency of the regular expression handling was improved, and several minor bugs were fixed.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2007-11-21 19:24

A new Tk look and default fonts on X11. Continued Tk demo enhancement and documentation improvements. A fix for broken compilation on x86_64. A fix for a crash and infinite loop in the regexp engine. A [tk_getOpenFile] crash on Mac OS X Leopard has been fixed. Arabic and Hebrew rendering on Windows were added, and performance improvements were made.
標籤: Development, Minor bugfixes

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