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TagSoup is a SAX-compliant parser written in Java that, instead of parsing well-formed or valid XML, parses HTML as it is found in the wild: poor, nasty, and brutish, though quite often far from short. TagSoup is designed for people who have to process this stuff using some semblance of a rational application design. By providing a SAX interface, it allows standard XML tools to be applied to even the worst HTML. TagSoup also includes a command line processor that reads HTML files, and can generate either clean HTML or well-formed XML that is a close approximation to XHTML.

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2007-03-21 21:03

The main issue was with HTML comments, which were very badly broken: any > character would terminate one, so commenting out elements did not work properly. Everything should now be correct. Everyone should update who possibly can. Additionally, &#Xnnnn (with capital X) now works, some debugging code was removed from PYXWriter, a Unicode BOM at the beginning of a document is skipped, and the new version of Saxon is supported as an XSLT processor. Documentation has been added on SAX features and properties specific to TagSoup.
標籤: Major bugfixes

2007-02-07 09:11

A DOCTYPE declaration will be output if there is
one in the input. The --ignorable switch was added
to preserve whitespace in element content. The
--output-encoding switch was added to specify
output encoding. The default values for
html/@version were removed. Various minor bugs
were fixed.
標籤: Minor bugfixes

2006-06-15 23:38

All known bugs are fixed and all features considered appropriate have been added. This release is ready for full production use.
標籤: Code cleanup

2003-01-23 09:05

標籤: Initial freshmeat announcement

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