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synctool is a cluster administration tool that
keeps configuration files synchronized across all
nodes in a cluster. Nodes may be part of a logical
group or class, in which case they need a
particular subset of configuration files. synctool
can restart daemons when needed, if their relevant
configuration files have been changed. synctool
can also be used to do patch management or other
system administrative tasks.

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2011-11-02 06:16

This release fixes a number of bugs present in the previous release. The comma-separated list of nodes and groups on the command line was not being parsed correctly in certain cases. Whenever output was being printed to stderr, the node name would not be printed in front of the message. An alternative way of uniquely identifying a node within the cluster was added. dsh-ping now also supports fping and Solaris ping.
標籤: Bugfixes

2011-08-08 22:07

HTML documentation has been added to the project. You may now use "synctool -e" to erase the ".saved" files. You may use the new command "dsh-ping" to check whether your nodes are alive. You may use the new command "dsh-pkg" to do package management. A new terse output mode has been added. The options -1, --single, --diff, and --ref may now be given multiple times on the command-line. Post-scripts for directories are now being run in the target directory rather than in the parent directory. Many new configuration parameters have been added. And there is more.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2011-03-15 05:52

In some cases the "ignore" keyword would not actually cause the designated files or directories to be ignored. This bug has been fixed. dsh and dcp now accept the -q, --quiet option.
標籤: bugfix

2010-12-23 07:12

The synctool software itself is now being kept up to date automatically on client nodes. This makes upgrading synctool a breeze. Making some typos on the command line, like with "-diff" and using multiple slashes in filenames, could lead to undesired effects. This is no longer a problem in the new version. synctool no longer prints a Python stack trace when hitting Ctrl-C. The backwards compatibility with older versions of Python has been improved. Two very useful contributions have been added to the package: a .bash_completion file and a graphical synctool-diff tool.
標籤: feature additions, Feature Enhancements, Bugfixes

2010-07-29 05:30

In certain conditions, a .post script for a directory would not be executed. This bug has been fixed. The "--single" option now accepts trailing slashes to its argument for specifying directories. Control files for making Debian packages have been contributed and are now included in the tardist.
標籤: Bugfixes

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