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SVNManager is a Web-based administration tool for
servers that host Subversion repositories. With
this tool, users can remotely create repositories,
give access rights to users and groups, dump and
load repositories, and invite users to create an
account on the server.

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2009-08-24 02:51

This release contains a fix for dumping repositories.

2009-08-10 06:37

This version fixes the problem where on some systems (e.g. Gentoo) the Subversion tools didn't work because they couldn't write config files to the directory set in the HOME environment variable. This is solved by adding a configuration parameter where you can specify the location to store Subversion configuration files.
When upgrading, please note the change in your config.php file.

2009-07-25 08:57

Access file entries are sorted per path now. There have been many other changes since the last freshmeat announcement.

2005-06-01 13:32

This version updates the prado framework to 2.0.1.
標籤: Minor security fixes

2005-05-23 16:06

標籤: Minor feature enhancements

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