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Subversion is a version control system. Originally designed to be a compelling replacement for CVS in the open source community, it has far exceeded that goal and seen widespread adoption in both open source and corporate environments. The Subversion project produces Subversion's core libraries (written in C), a fully functional command line client (svn), repository administration programs, API bindings for various languages (Perl, Python, Java, Ruby, etc.), and various additional tools and scripts.

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2009-04-10 18:40

Bugs were fixed.

2009-03-21 08:11

This release includes better filesystem storage mechanisms, authentication data handling improvements, early support for tree conflict detection, and more.
標籤: Stable

2008-12-23 08:19

Various bugfixes and improvements.
標籤: Stable, Major bugfixes

2008-10-25 00:30

This release improves "svn merge" and fixes a
regression found in 1.5.3.
標籤: Stable, Minor bugfixes

2008-10-11 03:05

標籤: Stable, Minor bugfixes

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