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Sql2xml is a CGI program that lets you request a SQL query and convert it to JSON, CSV, XML or INI through a Web server. Sql2xml supports requests from multiple users and for multiple databases. It is intended for developers who do not have direct access to database servers due to firewalls or other restrictions.

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2010-09-12 19:05

A parameter is now defined between curly brackets, instead of a hash; for example, "select * from param1={param1}". Error messages on failure were improved.

2010-02-20 18:52

JSON and CSV output formats are now supported.

2009-08-08 17:52

You can now separate your SQL query into different files, which must be stored in the "ini" directory. sql2xml will read all of the query files in the directory at once.

2008-12-19 03:26

This release has a new "key" parameter. It can be use to obtain verification from the client before a query is executed. If the key does not match, the query will be ended immediately.
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2008-08-08 01:12

標籤: Initial freshmeat announcement

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