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Soiled is a Flash-based telnet client and terminal emulator, supporting both char-by-char and line-by-line mode. In line-by-line mode, it has some features that make it suitable for MUDs, such as aliases, macros, and hotkeys. Since it is implemented in Flash, it can be used from a Web browser.

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2012-11-19 04:21

This release only adds two features: the ability to send escape codes for the numeric keypad and support for displaying tile graphics for NetHack (and forks) when using the vt_tiledata patch and option.

2009-12-05 07:59

This release is a lot more customizable than previous versions. Auto-login has been added, as well as the ability to complete commands and words by pressing tab. Support for the character set CP437 has also been added (for NetHack's IBMgraphics option).

2009-10-14 06:28

Soiled now supports the DECOM, IRM, and LNM control functions. The font can be changed via a command and configuration settings (when in line-by-line mode).
URLs in the received text can be opened in a new window with a mouse click. The example installation HTML and documentation have been improved.

2009-10-09 05:41

This release only contains a few minor changes. It is now stable enough to play nethack when connecting to a telnet server. Visible changes since version 0.42 are support for Reverse Index (RI), as well as changing the HOME and END keys to work like xterm's.

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