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SFLphone is an SIP/IAX2 compatible softphone. The goal is to create a robust enterprise-class desktop phone. While it can serve home users very well, it is designed for intensive corporate use.

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2010-04-24 04:32

There are some small bug fixes, and advanced tests have been added on several VoIP products such as Cisco, Patton, Freeswitch and Asterisk.
標籤: Stable

2010-04-13 07:12
0.9.8 rc1

Small bugs and memory leaks have been fixed. Almost every runtime warning has been removed.
標籤: Stable

2009-12-12 03:57

This is a major release which adds multiple audio conferences, secure
communications with TLS and SRTP support, and multiple UDP transports.
Over 100 bugs have been addressed, the GNOME GUI has been improved, and
the Pulseaudio interface has been rewritten.
標籤: Pulseaudio, Security, SRTP, TLS, conference

2009-11-01 02:41
0.9.7 beta

Support was added for multiple audio conferences, secure SIP communications with zRTP and TLS encryption and STUN parameters per account. Performance was improved. The GUI was made more intuitive. GNOME documentation was integrated.
標籤: Conferencing, DocBook, GNOME, secure RTP, TLS, Security

2009-07-28 03:02

This version provides these new features: a complete KDE client, a DNS SRV resolver, persistent history, a new notification system for the GNOME client, and a G722 audio codec implementation. But this is first and foremost a major bugfix release and a very important milestone in terms of stability, as it includes over 100 bugfixes, enhancements, and performance improvements.
標籤: GNOME, Bugfixes, notification, dns sip srv, Stable

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