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Seed7 is a general purpose programming language. It is a higher level language compared to Ada, C++, and Java. In Seed7, new statements and operators can be declared easily. Functions with type results and type parameters are more elegant than a template or generics concept. Object orientation is used when it brings advantages and not in places when other solutions are more obvious. Although Seed7 contains several concepts of other programming languages, it is generally not considered as a direct descendant of any other programming language.

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2012-01-02 07:15

The types 'pollData', 'inetListener', and 'socketAddress' were moved from "socket.s7i" to "poll.s7i", "listener.s7i", and "sockbase.s7i" respectively. The functions supported by 'pollData' were changed and improved. The file "pol_dos.c" was added. The "ftpserv.sd7" example was improved to take the IP address for the "PASV" response from the control socket. The console driver "con_win.c" was improved, such that keypressed recognizes control-C as normal keyboard input. The function 'socGets' was improved to avoid realloc(), when the string read is shorter than requested.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2011-12-19 07:33

The type 'pollData' and several functions were added to the "socket.s7i" library. The makefile "mk_djgpp.mak" was improved to use 'djecho'. The library "duration.s7i" was improved to support the operators +:= and -:= for the type 'duration'. The function 'startProcess' in the library "shell.s7i" was overloaded. The function 'socWrite' in "soc_rtl.c" was improved. The interpreter, compiler, and runtime library (new files "pollib.c", "pollib.h", "pol_sel.c", "pol_unx.c", and "pol_drv.h") were improved to support 'pollData'. The "ftpserv.sd7" example program was improved to work silently.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2011-12-05 05:51

The makefile "mk_djgpp.mak" was improved to work for DJGPP under DOS. The option -?, which writes helping information, was added to the hi interpreter and to the compiler (comp.sd7). The example programs "ftp7.sd7" and "sydir7.sd7" were improved. The directions N, S, W, and E were renamed in the files of the "dnafight.sd7" example program. Result variables were renamed in several files. The interpreter, compiler, runtime library, and the "shell.s7i" library were improved to support the function 'startProcess'. Several functions were improved to use localtime_s() when USE_LOCALTIME_S is defined.
標籤: Minor feature enhancements

2011-11-13 08:40

Documentation comments were improved in several Seed7 library files. Testcases for the operators "sci" and "exp" in "chkflt.sd7" were changed to succeed on all supported platforms. The compiler was improved, to create better debugging information for compiler-generated (DYNAMIC) dispatcher functions. The compiler was improved to define and use the macro "do_setjmp" and to work correctly for empty programs. The program "chkccomp.c" was improved to write preprocessor macros, which describe the floating point rounding of "printf". Result variables were renamed in several *.s7i files.
標籤: Minor feature and documentation enhancements

2011-11-03 03:25

Documentation comments were improved in several files. The operators 'sci' and 'exp', which write floating point values in scientific notation, were added to "float.s7i". Testcases were added to "chkflt.sd7" and "chkprc.sd7". The function 'getInteger' was added to "scanfile.s7i" and "scanstri.s7i". The "comanche.sd7" webserver was improved, to write information about the options -? and -h, in case of an error. The compiler was improved, to create better debugging information. The creation of code for for-loops in the compiler was improved. The debugging options in "mk_msvc.mak" were improved.
標籤: Minor feature and documentation enhancements

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