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Scmbug integrates software configuration management (SCM) with bug-tracking. It aims to solve the integration problem once and for all. It will glue any source code version control system (such as CVS/CVSNT, Subversion, and Git) with any bug tracking system (such as Bugzilla, Mantis, Request Tracker, Test Director).

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2011-02-09 21:41

This release corrects an unexpected exit related to binmode encoding raised by Bugzilla 4rc1, allows tag deletions when valid_product_name is disabled, and corrects deprecated syntax that would cause the daemon to exit under Perl 5.12 when mail notifications were enabled.

2010-10-02 21:51

This release corrects the labeling support for Bugzilla 3.6.x.

2010-09-20 10:17

This version adds support for Mantis 1.2.x by using Unix timestamps for date values.

2010-07-20 06:54

This release corrects the broken integration_add_tag support for Bugzilla 3.4-3.6 introduced by SCMBUG_RELEASE_0-26-18, corrects the long-standing bug of "Package 'Bugzilla' not found in" for some Perl versions, allows using Bugzilla 3.6 when checking for version numbers, and improves error checking when comments are added to multiple bugs.

2010-06-04 07:20

This version adds support for Bugzilla 3.6, corrects the broken status resolution for Bugzilla 3.4 introduced by v0.26.17, and corrects the recently failed packaging on Windows.

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