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rxvt-unicode is a clone of the well known terminal emulator rxvt, modified to store text in Unicode and to use locale-correct input and output. It also supports mixing multiple fonts at the same time, including Xft fonts, real transparency, and an optional embedded Perl interpreter that allows you to extend your terminal easily.

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2008-06-16 05:43

This release fixes a bug causing problems with many windows opened from urxvtd on non-Linux kernels, fixes a bug in handling multi-byte characters on some non-GNU/Linux systems, works around Fedora removing isastream, and works around buggy window managers a bit better in the tabbed extension. A lot of minor bugs have been fixed as well. On the feature side, tabs are now movable, there is a new --chdir option, a more rational clear-till-end-of-line command sequence, and some more minor improvements, especially with the tabbed extension.
標籤: Minor bugfixes

2008-01-25 22:21

Calling urxvtc with illegal arguments will no longer crash urxvtd. Xft font drawing has been rewritten to be faster and more correct again (fixing the compose character corruption). The xterm bracketed paste mode extension has been implemented. The RENDER server extension is no longer required for transparency and background pixmaps. The documentation concerning alpha channels in colours has been improved, the "urxvt stays black until the first event arrives" bug has been fixed, and a number of minor cleanups and bugfixes have been implemented.
標籤: Major bugfixes

2007-12-24 11:59

Urxvtd will now close windows and clear the
selection in a timely fashion instead of waiting
for the next event. The terminfo file has been
changed to use the same escape sequences for
cursor keys at all times. Changing the root pixmap
will now update the pixmap in urxvt again, instead
of resulting in flickering after the change. The
look of the right-hand-side xterm scrollbar has
been fixed, and there were some minor improvements
and reorganizations to the code.
標籤: Minor bugfixes

2007-12-15 22:46

Libev was updated, working around a problem with
the Linux 2.4 kernel and curing the problem of
urxvt sometimes not refreshing in a timely
fashion. The -C option now works as expected. The
urxvtd will flush X events only once per display,
not per open window. The slipwheeling behavior has
been improved. Text blinking will no longer take
miniscule amounts of CPU time when not used. There
have been a lot of small code cleanups and code
size optimizations.
標籤: Code cleanup

2007-11-25 14:31

Window closes could crash urxvtd. If you use
urxvtd, upgrading is strongly recommended. Apart
from this important bugfix, the only other visible
change is a smaller binary with --disable-frills
as the built-in block graphics table is not
compiled in anymore.
標籤: Major bugfixes

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