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Recoll is a personal full text desktop search tool based on Xapian. It provides an easy to use, feature-rich, easy administration interface with a Qt-based GUI. Text, HTML, PDF, PostScript, MS Word, OpenOffice, Wordperfect, KWord, Abiword, maildir, and mailbox mail folder formats are supported, along with their compressed versions and quite a few others. Powerful query facilities are provided. Multiple character sets are supported, and internal processing and storage uses Unicode UTF-8. Stemming is performed at query time and the stemming language can be switched after indexing.

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2011-11-09 07:33

This release fixes a number of small to annoying bugs, especially a problem with the result list links on newer Qt releases (e.g. OpenSUSE 12.1), and a few indexing crashes in relatively marginal cases.

2011-09-29 21:29

This version fixes a frequent, annoying crash when running a query in the GUI with the indexing thread running.

2011-09-21 23:24

This is a small improvements and bugfixes release. Among the many small changes are image displays in previews, negative directory filtering, additional entries in popup menus, searches anchored to the beginning or end of documents, table display improvements, and additional filters.

2011-05-30 03:33

This fixes an architecture-dependant startup crash in 1.15.8. There is no need to upgrade if you are not experiencing it.

2011-05-04 06:21

This release fixes a few bugs: indexer crashes following errors on zip archive members, rare GUI crashes when using the preview while the indexing thread is running, and other miscellaneous weirdnesses. New features: negative filtering on directory, field searches in the structured search panel, and filters for some Web archive format (.war and .mhtm).

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