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Qucs is a circuit simulator with a graphical user

  1. It aims to support all kinds of

circuit simulation types, including DC, AC, S-parameter, and harmonic balance analysis.

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2007-03-18 09:14

This release comes with two new translations into
Czech and Catalan, subcircuit parameters and
equations in subcircuits. Some new components have
been added, including the device models for HICUM
L2 v2.1 and FBH HBT using a Verilog-AMS interface.
Subcircuit parameters have been implemented, which
can be sweep parameters and constants as well as
equation variables. Equation variables can now
also be used in component properties and input
parameters of components in equations. The model
for the non-ideal microstrip junction has been
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2006-09-01 18:40

This release comes with an attenuator synthesis application, support for nine-valued VHDL logic, and user libraries that can be created from subcircuits. Steps have been taken to allow circuit optimization using ASCO in one of the next releases. Data files such as Touchstone, CITIfiles, VCD, and MDL can be imported, and CSV files can be exported. The simulation backend is now supporting the SVD algorithm as an equation system solver, initial conditions (transient analysis) for L and C are available, and the equation solver has a new function signum.
標籤: Minor feature enhancements

2006-05-29 13:10

This release comes with a Russian translation. The
digital simulation abilities have been improved by
a VHDL text editor. There are new components such
as a coaxial line, a differential voltage probe, a
switch, AM- and PM-modulators, and a relais. The
simulation backend supports delay times of digital
components and controlled sources during the
transient analysis. There is a time-domain model
of the ideal transmission line. Many new functions
have been added to the equation solver.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2006-01-22 10:50

Digital simulations using FreeHDL are now possible. The new release includes a Turkish translation and truth table and timing diagrams. Matching circuits can be created and there is a dialog for changing the properties of several components at once. The filter synthesis tool now supports some additional filter types, many new models were added to the component libraries, and the DC bias can be annotated in the schematic. Digital gates, correlated noise sources, an ideal coupler, and mutual inductors are now supported.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2005-07-22 14:47

Qucs is now known as "Quite Universal Circuit
Simulator". The GUI additionally supports text
painting rotations in subcircuit symbols, and
Latex-like mnemonics (e.g. \tau) in graphic texts
and diagram labels. A library manager that
includes some transistors, diodes, and substrates
was added. Several small improvements and bugfixes
have been incorporated. The simulation backend
supports some new functions in the equation
solver: unwrap(), rad2deg(), and deg2rad(). A
heavy bug in the non-linear operational amplifier
model has been fixed.
標籤: Minor feature enhancements

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