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QPass is a password manager application. It enables you to store your confidential data encrypted. All entries are stored in a single-file database encrypted using the AES-256 algorithm. Each entry can contain a name, URL, username, password, and description. QPass can also generate random passwords based on mouse movements.

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2012-01-19 06:33

This release adds an Italian translation.
標籤: italian translation

2011-12-26 05:55

This release adds a function to view passwords with numbered characters. It adds the ability to import and export to/from CSV files(beta). It adds an option to change the default database. It has improved import and export dialogs. It adds a button to deselect an entry. It modifies adding to prevent from adding null entries. It modifies searching to be case-insensitive. It adds an option to show passwords by default.

2011-03-20 22:45

Tab order in the main window was corrected. The maximum length of the "Website URL" field was changed to 100. A link to the FAQ in the help menu was added. A Polish translation to standard Qt texts was extended.

2011-03-04 16:56

The "Alt+D" shortcut was corrected. Quick access to entries was added through the tray icon. The menu category under Unix was modified. A portable version on Windows was added. Initialization of the progress bar was corrected in the password generator. Opening URLs with the https:// prefix was corrected. The ability to set the QPass window to be always on top was added. The generator button was moved to the top menu. Confirmation is now requested when the user tries to replace a database. An update checker was added. The "Go to URL" button uses Qt functions now. The default button is set in new database form. An option was added to open a database other than the main database.

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