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Pound is a reverse HTTP proxy, load balancer, and SSL wrapper. It proxies client HTTPS requests to HTTP backend servers, distributes the requests among several servers while keeping sessions, supports HTTP/1.1 requests even if the backend server(s) are HTTP/1.0, and sanitizes requests.

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2011-12-29 06:45

Support for SNI via multiple Cert directives. A pre-defined number of threads for better performance on small hardware. Translation of hexadecimal characters in the URL for pattern matching. Support for a "Disabled" directive in the configuration. More detailed error logging. Allows multiple AddHeader directives.
標籤: stable major

2010-02-02 21:42

New features include support for HTTPS back-end servers, full support for DH key exchange, an "include" directive in configuration files, support for separate connection time-out, much improved auto-configuration and Make, and flags to enable or disable optional libraries. A bunch of minor bugs were fixed. Performance was improved.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2008-02-11 15:58

The PARM session type was added for tracking based
on HTTP parameter. Beware that the old PARM
session type is now called URL, so configuration
files must be changed. Full support for IPv6 was
added. poundctl can now show status as an XML
file. A shutdown grace period was added (Pound
still accepts requests for existing sessions, but
nothing else). A buch of smaller changes and bugs
were fixed.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2007-04-11 18:08

This release introduces some more configuration
options (such as shutdown grace period and service
names) Enhancements were made to poundctl
functionality. The code was reorganized and some
bugs were fixes. Major tweaking of the dynamic
rescaling code was done.
標籤: Minor feature enhancements

2006-12-16 12:07

This release added emergency back-ends, a new control program, support for MSRPC, dynamic rescaling of back-end priorities, RewriteDestination (for SVN support), much improved logging and autoconf, and much better performance (TCP_NODELAY, better malloc). Some minor problems with autoconf detection were fixed and the code was cleaned up.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

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